Special skin lightening treatment and rejuvenation


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Time has worn away the most precious thing that’s women’s beauty. The aging takes place with countless negative signs such as wrinkles, sagging skin, insect – pasty makes the beauty of women is no longer fresh as before. simultaneously, the degree and timing of skin aging depends on lifestyle and living habits of each person. When the normal way at home beautiful for unexpected efficiency. Let go to the rejuvenation measures professionally.


This service, we offer our customers choice and rich diversity include: special treatment by mask cold light skin; Special treat dilated skin capillaries;Special 3D whitening treatment;oxyzet skin rejuvenation machine;  skin rejuvenation and wrinkles by Dior Laser technology;  skin rejuvenation and skin whitening Collagen mask;  lighten skin rejuvenation and regeneration of skin stem cell;

skin rejuvenation by Vitamin and Serum;  skin rejuvenation and face lift with Chinese methods. With comprehensive service package,customers will be dermatologists in beauty care center “Hoa Moc Lan” visit,Counseling and offering therapy best suited to each customer, Structure of the skin surface is stretched back,  firmness and elasticity as well as possible but improved markedly. Your skin will regenerate elastin,  Stretch vitality of youth.