Basic Skin Care


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Capital faces woman “love dimensional” and “pampering” the most because this is where they swept all attention towards herself.

However, the Creator does not give birth to eternal beauty, so over time, the skin surface will become less bright, darker and wrinkled.

No woman wants to get old, ugly in the eyes of others. So, once noticed the negative aesthetic signs appear on the skin, they always look for ways to improve the situation.

Understanding the concerns and worries of women, MAGNOLIA SPA has researched and successfully applied methods comprehensive facials.

Gói chăm sóc da cơn bản tại Magnolia Spa

Gói chăm sóc da cơn bản tại Magnolia Spa

Basic facial care for women with skin in normal condition, no damage, no complex dermatologic manifestations like  acne, pigmentation darkening … This service pack is a composite of several methods including: facials, relaxation,skin care with Vitamin C and E, skincare with honey yogurt

. These nutrients can be found in treatments capable penetrates deep into the layers of cells make skin, nourish and regenerate the skin effectively. Thus, elasticity, pigmentation also improved markedly, especially in the skin can be strong resistance against harmful agents.