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White skin is always the desire of so many Asian women.  Most of us agree that owning a fine white skin,  Bright will help her more youthful and attractive.  Demand for white bathroom has become the trend in modern life today when appearance is increasingly taken seriously and carefully tended.

With the West,  they prefer the healthy tan.  The Easterner the notion that white skin will overwhelm all defects of the face.  Admittedly one thing, anyone were impressed with pink pristine white color,  and not out of admiration for the lucky owner.Aims to take care of fresh white skin,  charming pink and white for women.


MAGNOLIA SPA gives you,  Kids white bath method effective fast undertaken by a team of doctors,  commitment and responsibility. Spa Magnolia respect the natural beauty of white skin and care about the health of our customers,  all products used during white bath are extracted from natural pearl rice bran, colostrum, mint … process soft white bath in steps:


First cleansing and exfoliation,removes dead skin cells accumulate on the skin for a long time breathable leather helps clean dirt, excess oil to prepare for the absorption of nutrients.Then use whitening products, whitening products contains essential vitamin concentrates A, C, E, H will be used to white skin with intensive massage technique, the effect of heat by the white steamers vitamin osmosis tech help deep inside the skin against the formation of pigment cells, keratoses repair skin cells, regenerate new skin cells. End process support, white bath skin is very important include: cream day and night cream works to tighten pores, additional essential multivitamins, rejuvenation and whiten skin, increase resistance to full skin against external agents.