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Overweight, obesity is caused by energy absorption than energy expenditure should form adipose tissue accumulation in the body. Overweight, obesity directly affects your health, is the cause of the disease, such as myocardial infarction, diabetes, hypertension … Besides affecting the aesthetic problems, psychological, reduced confidence, especially for women while always wanted to own a slim waist body. Therefore, the current demand for slimming of each person is essential. both protect health, ensuring aesthetic body of individuals, friends and loved ones.


MAGNOLIA SPA always cares beauty needs of customers and desire to bringing to our customers the method most effective weight loss. Intensive operations like push a little massage, push the stomach, cut fat, burning alcohol helps eliminate toxins from the body, releasing stress and making “loose” subcutaneous fat. Spa Magnolia using technology v8 treatment and therapy treatments: slimming, lifting and slimming body surface; bowel detoxification slimming, slimming the abdomen; Bariatric biceps; Bariatric shoulder; slimming waist; slimming thighs; slimming calf; slimming the hips; Body slimming … exert a slight force and precision exert a slight force and precision to make the mass of adipose tissue fat melts into a liquid. Then, the fat particles are easily excreted through sweat glands or urine

We will always beside you to care for your health, help you lose weight, keep fit and slender.